Reading A Face

Reading A Face

Eddie Vitch did more than capture his subject’s looks and personality in a few graceful lines, his caricatures often concealed witty references beneath its artful surface. One of his trademark talents was the ability to incorporate celebrities’ initials into their portraits, rendering them as integral elements of their facial features.

The twin Gs of Greta Garbo appear as her eyes and famously arched eyebrows. Joan Crawford’s  J curls to form her chin. And one of Clark Gable’s initials is hiding in his ear.

When Vitch drew Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s portrait (one of only a handful he created from a photograph rather than directly from life), the renowned monogram makes up the nose, mouth, and one of FDR’s eyes, perfectly capturing his expression.

This was just one of Vitch’s many talents, some camouflaged and others in plain view.

Can you find Charlie Chaplin’s initials?

Can you detect the Ginger Rogers? (hint: it’s not in the face).

You can find that in the book!

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