I recently got back from Australia where Vitch was screened at JIFF to a wonderful crowd in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. After I left it was screened four more times with strong ticket sales.

The audience was curious about Eddie Vitch’s later life in Adelaide. They asked why he chose to live there and what made him come to Australia in the first place. Two of his daughters, Lisa and Shani, were there to connect with the viewers and answer these and other personal questions.

In Brisbane the screening was an emotional event because of the large representation of the family including four of Vitch’s grandkids. Natasha, his granddaughter from Sydney, said she is learning about her grandfather from the movie. Unfortunately they never met.

Grandson Ryadan, as some of you may know, composed the music to several of the movie tracks (my favorite ones).

In the days prior to the Brisbane screening Zaimon, another grandson, was standing at a promenade adjacent to a booth that displayed prints of Vitch’s most iconic Hollywood legends. Zaimon remembers his grandfather whom he fondly called Magic Man. For three days, five hours each time (in the Brisbane heat), he handed pamphlets to passersby, advertising the upcoming screening and tirelessly talking about the film.

James, another grandson invited all his friends from Sydney. He also helped with writing press releases and reviews.

It was a family affair to remember!

Plus – it was Australia – one of the greatest places in the world (at least for me).