Alex Gard was the caricaturist at the famous (still operating) Manhattan eatery – Sardi’s. Gard drew film legend Joan Crawford, as did Vitch.

Gard’s caricature of Crawford is a wink at the star’s jealousy of Greta Garbo, whom she is viewing in the mirror. It is also a nod at Snow White and the envious queen. Gossip columns in the 1930’s reported that Crawford was obsessed with Garbo and her stardom.

Gard’s caricature tells a story of Hollywood’s tough competition between actresses.

Vitch’s caricature captures Crawford’s complex persona, omitting some details, leaving the viewer room to complete it on their own.

You can read more about the celebrity caricaturists of that era in the upcoming Vitch book by Sigal Bujman.

FYI- In the Vitch caricature, Crawford’s initials are hidden in her face. (The J is her chin and the C is one of her curls).