Not just a Holocaust film, but one that’s also about an artist, the wandering life of the Jew in worlds where he’s never entirely at home, and the search (on the parts of his far-flung progeny) for the identity of their elusive, chameleon-like father whose traces extend to three diverse cultures: Jewish/Israeli, German, Anglo-Australian.

Howard Cohn


Vitch is a fascinating film exploring the nature of humor and humanity through the compelling narrative of a Jewish man whose artistic talents led him to stay hidden in full sight of Hitler during the Nazi era. Watching this unimaginable story unfold of this wandering comedian pulls you into a world of being lost and found as the protagonist’s family try to make sense of his journey and the lives that emerged in the aftermath of that painful time in our collective lives.

Daniel J Siegel, MD

Author, Mind: A Journey to the Heart of Being Human , UCLA School of Medicine, Mindsight Institute